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VFS Benchrest June 2019 Match

David Blazzard, Wayne Christian, Pete Savage, Ron Orton, Stan Lapointe, and John Ames at VFS
Saturday was just like the weather said it would be little wind,yea winds blowing dust flying all around us, guys covering their actions. But it didn’t stop either Stan or David from cleaning the short yardage. Again I thank the guys for running the targets for me. Next month match will be July 27th, setup 7 start 9, that’s for both the VFS & Rim Fire matches. Have a safe and happy 4th, The 1st picture below from left to right is David Blazzard, Wayne Christian, Pete Savage, Ron Orton, Stan Lapointe, and in front is John Ames, see you next month

Howard Bloom

Match Director

Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Steve Weiss231-2x7thDNF231-2x8th
Stan LaPointe250-16x1st237-4x4th487-20x1st
John Ames249-11x3rd232-0x3rd481-11x3rd
David Blazzard250-10x2nd235-2x2nd485-12x2nd
Ron Orton244-6x6th230-2x4th474-8x6th
Wayne Christian248-10x5th228-0x5th476-5x5th
Pete Savage248-11x4th226-3x6th474-14x4th
Doug Wilhem203-1x8th125-0x7th328-1x7th


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VFS Benchrest April 2019 Match

A group of men at the VFS Benchrest
Another day some mirage, but it didn’t stop 11 shooter’s from shooting 18 50’s at 200yds and 34 50’s at 100yds and one 250. No matches next month. Have a safe and Happy holidays. Next match 6/22/19.  Pictured below from left to right in the back row Lance Gifford,Wayne Christian, Dave Blazzard, John Ames, Pete Savage, Steve Weiss, Ron Carter and Don Carter. Front row left to right Ron Orton Dave Reymore. Don’t forget the 22 RIMFIRE match.

Howard Bloom

Match Director

Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Ron Cater249-4x2nd249-20x2nd498-24x2nd
Howard Bloom243-3x4th245-17x9th488-20x5th
Don Carter246-6x3rd249-14x4th495-20x3rd
Pete Savage231-4x7th246-12x8th477-16x8th
Dave Reymore250-7x1st250-19x2nd500-26x1st
Dave Blazzard231-2x8th249-11x6th480-13x6th
John Ames206-0x10th249-14x5th455-14x10th
Ron Orton239-1x6th241-0x10th480-1x7th
Wayne Christian244-11x5th250-19x1st494-30x4th
Lance Gifford215-1x9th249-9x7th464-9x


Name200ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Steve Weiss235-sax1st47-1x1st282-1x1st
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VFS Benchrest March 2019 Match

AGAIN the day started off great, but when we got to our second match the winds picked to 25mph+ and the mirage was so bad that we couldn’t see the bullet holes. The picture of the rainbow on our range was after the heavy rains we had a day before. 1st picture from left to right Wayne Christian, Sheldon Turf, Joel Nader, Richard Trees, and Steve Weiss. Don’t forget the 22 RIM-FIRE match also.

Name200ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Richard Trees239-2x4thDNF239-2x4th
Sheldon Turf246-6x3rdDNF246-6x3rd
Joel Nader246-8x2nd240-4x2nd486-12x2nd
Wayne Christian250-9x1st241-2x1st491-11x1st


Name200ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Steve Weiss163-0x1stDNF163-0x1st
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