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SW Regional VFS Match

SW Regional Hunter Match SW Regional Hunter Match

Today was the SW Regional VFS Match the match was tight till the end we had 5 50-5x and 31 50 not bad for only 8 shooters. Congregations to Wayne Christian for his 500-28x.  This the last VFS match this year, I thank the shooters from Utah & Arizona and our club members for coming out this year. Don’t forget every VFS match we have a 22 Rimfire match also. To all the shooters and their family’s have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and A Safe and happy New Year. Hope to see you all next year.

-Howard Match director


Name 100yds Place 200yds Place Grand Agg Place
Howard Bloom 249-9x 6th 247-6x 2nd 496-15x 4th
Wayne Christian 250-19x 3rd 250-9x 1st 500-28x 1st
Richard Trees 248-11x 7th  240-0x 7th 488-11x 7th
Sheldon Turf 250-19x 2nd 243-4x 4th 493-23x 5th
Joel Nader 250-16x 4th 247-2x 3rd 497-18x 2nd
Ron Orton 243-6x  8th 228-1x 8th 471-7x 8th
Ron Carter 249-14x 5th 244-5x 7th 493-19x 6th
Stan LaPointe 250-21x 1st 246-5x 4th 496-26x 3rd


VFS Match Equipment List
Name Caliber Action  Barrel Gunsmith Stocker  Scppe/Pwr Case Load/Gr Powder Bullet/Wt Primer
Wayne Christian 30Br Bat Kreiger Ocock   Ocock N/Force/55 Laupa 36.0 LT30 Berger CCI
Howard Bloom 30Br Bat Kreiger Turf Turf N/Force Laupa 37.0 4198 EPS 205M
Joel Nader 6PPC Panda Hart Self Kelbly Leupold Laupa 29.7 8208 Nader/65 205
Stan LaPointe 30BRX Bat Kreiger Turf Turf N/Force Laupa 36.6 4198 BIB CCI
Ron Carter 30×47 Panda Kreiger Turf Turf N/Force/55 Laupa 41.8 8208 EPS CCI
Sheldon Turf 30Br Panda Kreiger Self  Self N/Force/42 Laupa 35.0 4198 BIB Fed
Ron Orton 6.5×47 N/A N/A Carter Carter Weaver 24 Laupa 34.4 4198 BIB CCI
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VFS Benchrest September Match

Today was are Club Championship and it was close top 4 shooter were only separated by 1x. Again Stan was the man he took it all, nice shooting Stan. Next month is the last VFS for the year and it’s the Regional Championship it’s on Oct27th, setup 7 start 9. Blow from left to right is John Ames.Dave Blazzard, Ron Carter, Steve Weiss, Keith Meyers, Sheldon Turf, Ron Orton. Front row left to right Wayne Christian Last months’ Grand Agg winner and with a 250-5x, next to him is this months winner Stan LaPointe, he took all. nice shooting. Hope to see you next month.

-Howard Match director

Name 100yds Place 200yds Place Grand Agg Place
Stan LaPointe 250-19x 1st 243-7x 1st 493-26x 1st
Ron Carter  250-18x 4th 243-1x 3rd 493-19x 3rd
Wayne Christian 250-18x 3rd 238-3x 5th 488-21x 5th
Sheldon Turf 250-19x 2nd 241-4x 4th 491-23x 4th
Keith Meyers 250-15x 5th 243-5x 2nd 493-20x 2nd
Dave Blazzard 250-12x 6th 235-2x 6th 485-14x 6th
John Ames 248-9x 7th 230-3x 7th 478-12x 7th
Ron Orton 239-2x 8th 211-0x 8th 450-2x 8th

Factory Class

Grand Agg
Steve Weiss 202-1x 1st 84-1x 1st 286-2x 1st
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VFS Benchrest August Match

Pictured from left to right: Wayne christian, Joel Nader, Ron Orton, Ron Carter, Sheldon Turf and sitting down Stan Lapointe.

Today started out calm, but half way through the match the wind started and things began blowing all over the place! Even though our targets were flying off the target stands, we still had a couple of good scores.

Wayne Christian shot 50-5x and took the Grand Agg with a 497-23x, nice shooting Wayne. Sheldon turf shot a 250-11x at 100 yds for a 1st place and Howard Bloom shot a 250-17X for second place at 100 yds, but he just couldn’t catch Sheldon.

Our next VFS match is September 22nd, Setup at 7am, start at 9am, and we have 22 Rimfire match at the same time.
-Howard Match director


Name 200yds Place 100yds Place Grand Agg Place
Howard Bloom 244-7x 5th 250-10x 2nd 494-17x 5th
Stan LaPointe 247-8x 3rd 249-13x 4th 496-21x 3rd
Ron Carter 247-8x 4th 248-10x 6th 495-18x 4th
Sheldon Turf 244-5x 5th 250-11x 1st 494-16x 6th
Joel Nader 248-5x 2nd 249-13x 5th 497-18x 2nd
Pete savage 225-4x 8th DNF DNF 225-4x 9th
Ron Orton 234-2x 9th 235-4x 7th 469-6x 7th
Al Stropus 243-1x 7th DNF DNF 243-1x 8th
Wayne Christian 248-6x 1st 249-17x 3rd 497-23x 1st



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