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VFS Benchrest October 2019 Match

People at VFS Benchrest October 2019 Match

Sunday DSRPC had the Regional Championship, it was touch and go for a while but in the Joel Nader took the Gran AGG (he also 2 gun world champion. i want to thank the guys for helping with the targets. photo l-r back row Ron Orton, Wayne Christian, Joel Nader, Steve Weiss, Sheldon Turf and Ray Becket. Front row l-r Howard bloom and Stan LaPointe. This was the last VFS mach for 2019. Have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Howard Bloom
Match Director

Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Stan LaPointe249-17x5th247-4x4th496-21 x3rd
Ray Becker250-16x3rd246-3x3rd496-19x2nd
Sheldon Turf250-21x1st244-5x4th494-26x4th
Ron Orton236-3x6th238-1x6th474-4x6th
Wayne Christian250-15x4th241-5x5th491-20x5th
Joel Nader250-19x2nd249-9x1st499-28x1st
Steve Weiss227-1x7thDNF211-1x7th


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VFS Benchrest Club State Championship Match

We only had 6 shooters for the club state championship, I think because of the weather it was calling for gust 50mpr. But the morning at 200yds was pretty clam when we got to the 100dy it started picking with gust at time of 30mph. A special note, when I doing the score I had make a mistake Keith Meyers caught it and put him in 2nd place and moved Joel Nader into 1st Place. I want to thank Keith for his honesty Next month Oct will be the Last VFS and Hunter for the year..I still will the 22 Rimfire. Setup 7 start 9
Howard Bloom
Match Director

Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Keith Meyers242-2x4th250-15x1st492-19x2nd
Stan LaPointe243-3x3rd247-5x4th490-8x3rd
Pete Savage227-4x5th249-7x3rd476-11x4th
Ron Orton234-4x4th240-5x5th474-9x5th
Joel Nader246-5x1st249-13x2nd495-18x1st
Steve Weiss204-0x6th218-0x6th422-0x6th


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VFS Benchrest September 2019 Match


Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Jim G208-2x4th2004th408-2x4th
Ron O244-4x2nd238-1x2nd482-5x2nd


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