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Schuetzen November Match Results

Picture perfect weather was enjoyed by all. We were missing a few of our regulars but still had a good match. Biggest shooter improvement this month was Richard Trees. Next match is December 16.

Rimfire 100 yards
Name Score
Keith 497-17c
Stan 492-16c
Howie 492-12c
Wally 490-14c
Richard 470-3c
Match One Centerfire 200 yards
Name Score
Keith 497-17c
Wally 480-7c
Richard 456-2c
Howie 452-1c
Jim 392-0c
Match Two Centerfire 200 yards
Name Score
Keith 488-11c
Richard 4480-6c
Wally 479-5c
Jim 388-0c
Howie DNF
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Schuetzen May Match Results

Not very favorable shooting conditions today frustrated a few with choice words during the match.

Sometimes wind flags were no use as bullets would impact opposite of the prevailing wind. We blame those shots on “Range Gremlins”.

Name Score
Howard 494-15
Keith 492-13
Wally 488-9
Paul 485-8
Richard 442-1


200 Yards Centerfire – Match 1
Name Score
Keith 492-13
Wally 469-5
Howard 469-4
Richard 474-6


200 Yards – Match 2
Name Score
Keith 480-6
Howard 471-2
Wally 470-5
Richard 464-6


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Schuetzen April Match Results


Match One

Keith 497-17c
Dave 454-3c
Richard 451-3c
Jim 419-0c

Match Two

Keith 494-15c
Richard 474-7c
Dave 465-2c
Jim 398-1c
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