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IDPA December Match

Match Final
1Shooter McnastyStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS17104.68
2Jeffrey YergerStock Service Pistol (SSP)MA22112.91
3Roger BarreraEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)UN20123.71
4Fred RuizEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)SS34126.96
5Fred RuizStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS40130.29
6Brett WilliamsCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)SS8139.78
7Scott ValentineStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS18142.16
8Angelo MastrioEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)SS33144.53
9Dennis HullCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)EX26152.72
10Aaron MauldinStock Service Pistol (SSP)20158.14
11Tom PanagosCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)SS48158.25
12Rick HannaStock Service Pistol (SSP)EX29160.44
13Evan WillsCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)SS25163.96
14Cory BoothEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)MM22164.04
15Blake WheelerCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MA48165.46
16Bruce HoldenCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)EX37167.45
17Mark TaylorCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM36168.71
18Taerik BerryStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM31172.15
19Frank KimStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN71175.10
20Alex NikolovCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)UN22177.61
21Frank QuintalStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS31177.90
22Sean HedgesCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM54182.03
23Jim RichardsonCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)46182.25
24Dan AndersonStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS48183.17
25Stewart MillerCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)MM40183.38
26Tommy StetterStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN42188.32
27Angelo MastrioCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)UN21188.46
28James ChingStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN46188.62
29David OperchalEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)34188.92
30Jamie StevensCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM49191.27
31Donnie StellyCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM70192.92
32Richard MosherStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM59194.80
33Christopher EllisStock Service Pistol (SSP)NV74194.84
34John StonemanStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS28196.33
35Jimmie SaxtonStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS27197.48
36William AllersStock Service Pistol (SSP)64200.53
37Gino GadorCompetition47201.71
38Dale HallStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS29206.83
39Joel AnchetaCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)UN35208.63
40Stewart MillerStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM56211.07
41Kyle GellerStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM51211.21
42Larry SifuentesCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)56213.09
43Corey CaswellCarry Optics (CO)39213.80
44Han LeeStock Service Pistol (SSP)66221.31
45Ken WarholEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)28223.27
46Wayne PetersenStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM49227.15
47Augustin QuintanaStock Service Pistol (SSP)48243.21
48Joe JerabekRevolver (REV)SS39244.90
49Joe KennedyRevolver (REV)none16252.69
50Nick PortzStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN38253.44
51Joseph PostCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)UN35262.18
52Nicholas Van NoortStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM87269.31
53Kevin PutmanStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN73282.82
54Juan DiazCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)96287.42
55Darrell HamptonStock Service Pistol (SSP)NV76311.45
56John LaraCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)SS00.00
57Chris NelsonStock Service Pistol (SSP)70.00
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IDPA November Match

Match Final
1Fred RuizStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS53131.04
2Roger ShinCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)SS9133.50
3Angelo MastrioEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)SS16138.11
4Brett WilliamsCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)SS26145.18
5Jeffrey YergerESPMA29147.22
6Tom PanagosCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)SS23150.64
7Blake WheelerCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MA26150.65
8Bill ThorsonStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM12152.74
9Joe CusimanoCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)EX40155.18
10Toby KyleStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS42156.00
11Rick HannaSSPEX39158.01
12Richard MosherStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM83160.60
13Paul PaolucciSSPUN39161.14
14Dennis HullCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)EX18162.97
15Cory BoothESPMM21173.78
16Taerik BerryStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM20173.81
17John LaraCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)SS62176.96
18Dale HallStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS40178.05
19Angelo Mastrio IiStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM40181.42
20Frank QuintalStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS18185.93
21Jeff ReeseEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)MM47186.95
22Francis KimStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN56187.41
23Stewart MillerStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM18191.75
24John StonemanStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS56194.60
25David BaileyStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN52195.24
26Evan WillsCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)SS31196.02
27Stewart MillerCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)MM44197.88
28Joe JerabekRevolver (REV)SS13200.22
29Arthur ClementCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)UN11201.06
30Rick StiegelmeyerStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS41203.55
31Jamie StevensCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM78205.09
32Erick CruzCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM48208.43
33Jimmie SaxtonStock Service Pistol (SSP)SS59208.97
34David CallesCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM45212.39
35Tommy StetterCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)UN45214.84
36Christopher EllisStock Service Pistol (SSP)NV59216.65
37Allen WeintraubStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN39221.96
38Kyle GellerStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM121224.82
39Mark TaylorCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)MM55227.05
40Clifford AbnerStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN48237.79
41Brad WolfEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)NV47240.88
42Steve FordEnhanced Service Pistol (ESP)UN60247.46
43Joel AnchetaCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)UN36252.89
44Leticia CallesStock Service Pistol (SSP)NV88254.82
45Andy RiveraCompact Carry Pistol (CCP)UN96255.36
46Bruce HoldenCustom Defensive Pistol (CDP)EX58259.79
47Harold MorrisonRevolver (REV)SS90262.89
48Kevin PutmanStock Service Pistol (SSP)UN91295.85
49Darrell HamptonStock Service Pistol (SSP)NV77306.84
50Brooks HeimerStock Service Pistol (SSP)NV83320.80
51Bob JohnsonESPEX80369.34
52Wayne PetersenStock Service Pistol (SSP)MM34190.20
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CMP F Class/Sling Class October Match

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Shoot Director Bob Roussseau hosted our third Class “F” shoot Saturday, October 24th on Range 8. Class “F” is for scoped rifles equipped with either a bipod or sling/bag combination to enhance the stability needed to accurately hit a target 600 yards downrange. This particular event is a 20 round course shot from the prone position with each round spotted by a scorer in the target “pit” who drops the target and marks the shot location in two places before pushing the target back in scoring position. This is an old (1903) military venue and scoring system that is part of a national series which holds their finals at Camp Perry in Ohio. Class “F” rifles can be equipped with a bipod or shot with a sling from a rest. This particular weekend everyone was equipped with a bipod and there was an almost even split with shooters fielding 0.223’s and 0.308’s.

Weather was perfect for lying in the sun and shooting 600 yards with mother nature supplying clear skies and little wind (definitely a fan). As always our folks were safe, shot well, exhibited good sportsmanship (shooters take turns scoring for each other in the pit), and joked about their shooting. Congratulations to Jack who shot 179 out of 200 shooting a bolt-gun. Our new AR 15 class was dominated by Stephanie who shot a 176 also out of 200.

RESULTS: Civlian Marksmanhip Program* 600 yard Class “F” shoot Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Score-Max 200
X Ring-Max 20
JackBolt Action179 points0 – xBipod
KlausAR-10177 points2 – xBipod
JimBolt Action170 points2 – xBipod
SteveBolt Action158 points1 – xBipod
DaveBolt ActionDNFDNF-MechanicalBipod


Class-F AR-15
Score -Max 200
X – Ring Max 20
Stephanie176 points0 – xBipod
Lou158 points1 – xBipod
Dave142 points0 – xBipod

*Due to the nature of the Civilian Marksmanship Course of Fire (scorers downrange in the “pit”) shoots are held during work party times when other ranges are closed for maintenance.

Many thanks to the web-master for producing such a high-quality site which makes posting so easy!


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