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Machine Gun Match

This was the ninth  match of our season.  This was a Sub Gun only match. We got lucky again with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with sunny skies and no wind. We had a small turnout because of Mothers Day so we also had a team event.  We did things a little differently this match as we did not have a target setter so we used all dinger targets. This moved the match along very quickly. It was a three stage match with the shooter taking out steel targets and a stop plate at all three stages. A team event followed the main match with Myself and Pat O’Connor taking the ribbons.   Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 6/9/19 and will be a Subgun only match and will be the final match of the season. We may start early because of the heat. I will send out a reminder before the match. Be sure and vote in the club election.  Ballots are in the mail.  See you all in June.

Ben PostCory41.311st“A”
Irv FalkoffBuzzy41.73
Dave WhiteAmyDNF


Ben PostMP537.811st“A”
Irv FalkoffM16 9mm46.89
Peter LandiM16 9mm48.111st“B”
Shawn McClellandMP553.67
Dave WhiteSterling57.781st“C”
Jack WylieUZI62.83
Gary PfaffM11118.39


Gabe SiniscalSterling57.791st“A”
Dave WhiteMP4069.69
Robin LancasterMP4574.501st“B”
Robin LancasterLanchester79.42
Mack MacallisterMP4086.541st“C”
Al SiniscalSterling234.40
English AndySterlingDNF
English AndyM16 9DNF


Ben PostMP534.721st“A”
Mike VervilleM1140.83
Mack MacallisterM1147.31
Irv FalkoffM16 950.37
Pat O’ConnerM1055.78
Omar LazoMax Lage60.71
Shawn McClellandMP571.12


Team Event
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Machine Gun Match

This was the eighth match of our season. This was our annual Three Gun Match. We got lucky again with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with sunny skies and no wind. We had a large turnout so there was no team event. We did things a little differently this year having the shooter use the sub gun in both stages. The shooter started with a loaded Pistol and had to take out the Plate rack. He then picked up a staged loaded sub gun and while moving to another position took out a set of steel dingers and knockdowns before engaging the giant swinger. If a complete revolution was achieved a ten second bonus was deducted for your time. The range was reset for the second run using the shotgun and clay and knockdown targets before the sub gun sequence. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 5/12/19 and will be a Subgun only match. See you then.

Ben PostCory50.291st“A”
Joe WhiteZippy70.95
Dave WhiteAmy122.00
Mike VervilleM11DNF
Kaycee VervilleM11DNF


Ben PostMP555.351st“A”
Peter LandiM16 9mm55.35
Ketzu FloresBeretta 12S69.35
John Wylie Jr.UZI73.30
Shawn McClellandMP595.811st“B”
Gabe SiniscalS&W7695.89
Dave WhiteSterling105.57
John ZeichUZI110.931st“C”
George McAlpineSTEN134.56
Patrick EnrightUZI138.26
Al SiniscalS&W76410.00
Tom WrightUZIDNF
Ron ShimonS&W76DNF


Matt AdamsUZI64.351st“A”
Ketzu FloresMAB89.12
Richard JonesMP590.221st“B”
Dave WhiteMP40103.11
Joe WhiteMP5122.68
Gabe SiniscalM3A1196.921st“C”
Al SiniscalThompson472.30
George McAlpineStenDNF
Ron Shimon???DNF


Ben PostMP550.091st“A”
Mike VervilleM1160.66
Matt AdamsLage63.421st“B”
John ZeichLage66.86
Shawn McClellandMP591.54
Kaycee VervilleMP597.811st“C”
Omar LazoMax Lage122.20
Tom WrightM11DNF
Randy LovstuenM11DNF


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Machine Gun Match

This was the seventh  match of our season and the weather was very nice. It was cloudy and overcast but there was no wind or rain so we go lucky. This was our annual Belt Fed Bowling Pin Match. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly. There were three main classes for this match. Belt Fed, Assault Rifle and Subgun. The match was very simple. Take out 20 bowling pins in the fastest possible time. Matt Babb won the Belt Fed class with his beautiful M240. In the Subgun class the times were very close with about one half of a second separating  the first 4 shooters. Wow. A Mad Minute event followed the main match which was great fun. Don’t forget to check out and register on our new website at for updates and photos. Some great video and photos were taken and I hope they are posted. Next month will be a THREE GUN match. You will need a Center fire pistol, a Shotgun with bird shot ONLY and a Subgun. Date will be  4/14/19. Setup at 0800 and Registration ends at 0845 with the match starting at 0900. See you then.

Ben PostCory12.401st“A”
Mike VervilleLage M11 .2235.00
Kaycee VervilleLage M11 .2253.29


Tom WrightM11 Lage15.041st“A”
Matt AdamsM11 Lage15.56
Shawn McClellandMP515.63
Ben PostMP515.861st“B”
Peter LandiM16 9mm42.44
Patrick EnrightMP5K22.13
Dave WhiteM3A127.69
Omar LazoM11 Lage28.60
Robin LancasterMP4033.901st“C”
Mike VervilleM11 Lage42.57
Dan HongUZI47.32
Kaycee VirvilleM11 Lage73.33


Andy WadeM1624.431st“A”
Tom WrightM1628.66
Patrick EnrightM1634.93
Mike VervilleAC55638.151st“B”
Bill BrizzeeM446.60
Shawn McCellandHK9350.96
Joe WhiteAUG51.701st“C”
Matt BabbRPD55.13
Dave WhiteM260.06


Matt BabbM240B21.361st“A”
Matt AdamsValkyrie23.21
Dan Hong191927.17
Ben PostShrike27.33
Joe White191932.631st“B”
Bill Brizzee191947.15
John Wylie Jr.MG0846.53
Andy Wade191947.15
Ted AptorM6049.261st“C”
Dave WhiteBAR83.39
Jack Wylie Sr.MG0885.28
Robin LancasterMG3485.70
Mike DukeBrowning221.1


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