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This was the eighth  match of season and the weather was breezy and cool. This was a three gun match using a rifle, pistol and Subgun.  The shooter started with the pistol and engaged a plate rack.  The shooter then pick up the rifle and engaged a set of 4 steel targets in a Nevada Sweep. The shooter then transitioned to the subgun and engaged another plate rack. If the shooter did a continuous sweep of the rack he received a 5 second bonus.  The shooter then moved to the next position, engaged several more steel targets. On a sad note Robin Lancaster notified us that he will be moving and this will probably be his last match shooting with us. Robin has been participating in our matches for over twenty years. He is a great guy and we are sorry to see him go. We all wish him the very best.  Next months match will be a Subgun only match on  05/12/24


Mike VervilleMP585.951st “A”
Dyland PrashadMP592.96
John Wylie Jr.UZI96.8
Ketzu BetheaMP5101.45
Shawn McCellanMP5113.981st “B”
Jason DavisM11117.78
Tom MillerMP5123.23
Peter LandiMP5SD136.75
Patrick EnrightM16 5.7179.801st “C”
Jack WylieUZI184.70
Kaycee VervilleMP5222.10
Gary PfaffUZI246.40


Richard JonesMP5136.991st “A”
Robin LancasterIngram 6140.27
Dave WhiteMP40161.04


Mike CollandeM11103.951st “A”
Robin LancasterMP45128.55


Mike VervilleSheri70.011st “A”
Dave WhiteAmy129.13
Richard JonesRattler160.97


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Machine Gun Match 03/10/24

This was the seventh match of our season and the weather was great. It was cloudy and cool but there was no wind so we were lucky.  This was our annual Belt Fed Bowling Pin Match.   We had a small turnout and the match moved quickly.  There were three main classes for this match. Belt Fed, Assault Rifle and Subgun. The match was very simple. Take out 20 bowling pins in the fastest possible time. Lee Chavez was this years winner with his MG42. He had a blistering time of 12.04 seconds. The trophy will be going home with him. A Mad Minute which actually lasted about 13 seconds followed the main match which was great fun. Next month will be a multi gun match and details will follow.  Date will be 4/14/24 Setup at 0800 and Registration ends at 0845 with the match starting at 0900. See you then.


Irv FalkoffBuzzy17.531st “A”
Robin LancasterMP4136.40
Steve CarterAM18037.061st “B”
Mike VervilleSheri57.25
Robert BrowningS&W 7663.781st “C”
John Z.S&W 7681.54


Patrick EnrightM1642.461st “A”
Mike VervilleMac 11 5.5642.55
Bill BrizzeeM1688.221st “B”
Irv FalkoffM16104.69
Ron RaschdorfMP44122.001st “C”
Al NewellAR18s128.69


Lee ChavezHK21E10.041st “A”
Peter LandiM6026.88
Robin LancasterMG3445.48
Shawn McCellandHK23E50.881st “B”
Dylan Wylie08/1553.25
John Wylie Jr.08/1557.43
Jack Wylie Sr.08/1566.69 1st “C”
Mike VervilleHK2186.05
Al NwellLewis161.20
Joe Noto08/15190.40


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Machine Gun Match 02/11/24

This was the sixth match of our new season and the weather was perfect. A beautiful Winter day. Cool but no wind. This was our annual St. Valentines Day match with a special class for Thompsons. We also awarded a 5 second bonus if the shooter dressed “Gangster”. We had a big turnout and the match moved along quickly. The shooter started with the Subgun and engaged a set of heart shaped paper targets. The shooter then moved to another position and engaged a plate rack. If the shooter did a continuous sweep of the rack he received a 5 second bonus.  The shooter then moved to the next position, engaged several steel targets.  The course was changed for the second run. Next months match will be our annual Belt fed, Assault rifle and Subgun match.   It will be held  on 03/10/24


John Wylie Jr.192868.961st “A”
Robin Lancaster192875.36
Patrick EnrightSpit Fire78.531st “B”
Dan EnrightSpit Fire79.13
Dave WhiteM1A184.01
Sasha FranchyM1A195.551st “C”
Ketzu BetheaM1A198.45
Dylan Wylie1928100.36
Jack Wylie1928124.07


Peter LandiMP5SD48.111st “A”
Patrick EnrightM16 5.765.85
Shawn McCellanMP566.051st “B”
Dan EnrightM16 5.768.22
Mike VervilleMP572.821st “C”
Ketzu BetheaMP575.83


Pete LandiSterling45.901st “A”
Robin LancasterIngram 653.72
Richard JonesMP561.551st “B”
John WangMP572.04
Dave WhiteMP4072.12 1st “C”
Lee ChavezUZI79.13


Jason DavisM1156.531st “A”
Mike CollanderM1176.43


Irv FalkoffBuzzy37.061st “A”
Richard JonesRattler53.69
John WangRattler68.87
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