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September 2020 IDPA Match

September 13, 2020

We had a good turnout for the September 13 match with 46 total shooters. We had 3 ladies and 2 youths.

Weather was mild until the end of the match when it started getting a little warm. We had plenty of volunteers for the setup and we got started on time. Thanks for all the help.

We had our standard 6 stages and were off the range by 12:30.

Top shooters by Division were:


CDP, Evan Wills 176.22.

Carry Optic, Frank Han 111.21 (third overall)

Enhanced Service Pistol, Fred Ruiz 102.45 (first overall)

Pistol Caliber Carbine, Steve Kurtz 292.20

Stock Service Pistol, Charles Hursh 125.42

True Carry, Jim Tadlock 109.85 (second overall)

True Carry Back Up, Edmond Goroza 224.65


Full scores can be found at


IDPA matches are the second Sunday of each month and registration is handled online at beginning the Sunday before the match. Just search for IDPA matches in Las Vegas and it will show up (not posted until registration opens). Range members get to squad first, until Tuesday when volunteers and others can squad. Remember, volunteers for setting up and tear down get precedence over other shooters in the squadding schedule, and their match fee is comped, so please consider volunteering.

Dan Anderson

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August 2020 IDPA Match


Well, it was a hot one on August 9th but we had a good, quick match. We had 40 people shooting including 2 ladies and 1 junior shooter. 48 had signed up but the heat scared off a few. We ended up with 27 Members and 13 non-members. The match was almost called off due to not many wanting to sign up to set up and tear down. After a second plea for help we did get enough volunteers to hold the match. So think about signing up for set up crew for the future matches.

Match started at 9:00 and we were done shooting at 11:30. Tear down crew had range cleaned up and materials put away by 12:15.  Match consisted of the standard 6 stages with a lot of “hostage” (don’t shoot) targets mixed in with the shoot targets.


Top shooters per Division were:

Jim Tadlock, Tru Carry 87.77 (first overall)

Jim Zubiena, Enhanced Service Pistol 93.94 (second overall)

Frank Han, Carry Optics 100.30 (third overall)

Bart Carter, Pistol Cartridge Carbine 102.46 (fourth overall)

Brett Williams, Compact Cary Pistol 121.58

Lei Shi, Stock Service Pistol 128.53

Joel Ancheta, Tru Cary Back Up 133.99


Full Scores can be found at


IDPA shoots the second Sunday of each month on range 2. Match registration is held on line at practiscore.Com. You can find the match by searching IDPA, Las Vegas, Nevada. Match is not posted until one week before the match. DSRPC members are approved to squad first (until Tuesday) then others. Volunteer for the set up crew and your match fee will be comped and you will get the appreciation of all of the other participants. Non DSRPC participants will have to pay the $10.00 visitor fee at the gate.


Dan Anderson

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February 2020 IDPA Match

It was cold and windy on Sunday the 9th of February when our match was held. Even so, we
had 52 shooters brave the elements to have a good time with fellow shooters. We had 5 Ladies
and one Foreign shooter.

The match consisted of six stages, 95 required rounds at 41 paper targets and one steel
popper. Four draws from a holster, two pick up from a table and seven reloads all on the clock.

Fastest overall times were:

Aaron Gomez 134.57 seconds
Frank Han 163.95
Jim Tadlock 167.43
Bart Carter 170.28
Marc Kotch 172.84

Division leaders were:

Aaron Gomez Tru Carry
Frank Han Carry Optics
Bart Conner Pistol Caliber Carbine
Marc Kotch Compact Carry Pistol
David Calles Enhanced Service Pistol
Joe Munoz Stock Service Pistol
John Laura Custom Defensive Pistol
Tom Franzoni Revolver
Antonio McCoy Back Up Gun

Full scores can be found at: new/103536

IDPA shoots every second Sunday of the month, our next match will be March 8, 2020.
Registration is done online via the Practiscore site ( ). Match is posted a week
before the match and registration closes Saturday at 5:00 PM the evening before the match.
Just search matches for Las Vegas, IDPA and it will show up with DSRPC in the title.


Dan Anderson

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