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Hunter Benchrest Match 4-28-19

Not a great day swirling winds and of course the mirage, but a day at the range is always good. No match in May because of the holidays, have a safe and happy holidays, next Hunter is 6/23/19. Don’t forget the 22 RIMFIRE match
Howard Bloom
Match Director

Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Ron Orton234-5x3rd247-8x2nd481-13x3rd
Howard Bloom213-0x5th243-7x4th456-7x7th
Pete Savage238-2x2nd246-5x3rd484-7x2nd
Dave Reymore241-3x3rd250-13x1st491-16x1st
Richard Trees220-1x4th222-4x5th442-5x5th
Name200ydsPlace100ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Richard Domingo39–ox1st173-0x1st173-1x1st
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Hunter Benchrest Match 3-24-19

Again we had a nice day, but again the mirage was there, next month will be better. Second picture left to right Dave Reymore, Ron Orton, Lowell Fri and Richard Trees. Don’t forget the 22 RIM-FIRE match also.

Name200ydsPlace300ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Richard Trees214-0x4th56-0x4th270-0x4th
Lowell Fri227-1x3rd219-1x3rd446-2x3rd
Dave Reymore247-6x1st229-2x1st476-8x1st
Ron Orton233-2x2nd229-2x2nd462-4x2nd
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Hunter Benchrest Match 2-24-19

Well yesterday was 32° but today it warmed to 34°a heat wave, and again Dave was the man to beat. Next Hunter match is 3/24/19, setup 7  start 9 and the 22 Rim Fire same time, range 6


Match Director


Name100ydsPlace200ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Richard Trees210-1x4th 227-1x4th437-2x4th
Ron Orton 240-6x3rd239-10x3rd479-16x3rd
Pete Savage248-9x2nd240-3x2nd488-12x2nd
Dave Reymore250-12x1st248-7x1st498-19x1st


22 Rimfire
Name100ydsPlace50ydsPlaceGrand AggPlace
Lee Shimabkuro 230-6x1st245-10x1st475-‘6x1st
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