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Groundhog Benchrest December Match

Today was the last match for the year. I thank everybody for coming to our matches this year, hope to see all back next year. The next Ground Hog match is 1/13/19. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will still have the 22 Rim Fire along with the Ground Hog Match. Both matches Setup 7, start 9 on range 6


Match Director


Name 300yds Place 400yds Place Grand Agg Place
Richard Trees 199-0x 4th 203-0x 4th 402-0x 4th
Howard Bloom 229-3x 2nd 229-1x 3rd 458-4x 3rd
Stan LaPointe 233-1x 1st 233-1x 2nd 466-2x 2nd
Stan LaPointe 233-1x 1st 233-1x 2nd 466-2x 2nd
Ron Carter 229-2x 3rd 241-1x 1st 470-3x 1st
Name 50yds Place 100yds Place Grand Agg Place
Lee Shimobukro 247-11x 1st 225-2x 1st 472-13x 1st


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Groundhog Benchrest November Match

Today was one of those days when you asked what am I doing here, strong winds and the mirage nobody could see the bullet holes on the targets. Next match is 12/9/18 for both the Ground Hog and 22 Rim Fire matches. Both setup 7, start 9. This is the last match for the year, hope everybody turns out for it. Have a happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Howard, Match Director

Name 300yds Place 400yds Place Grand Agg
Howard Bloom 209-1x  2nd 183-0x 2nd 392-1x
Stan LaPointe 235-3x 1st 225-1x 1st 460-1x
Richard Trees 174-1x  3rd 186-0x 3rd 360-1x
Name 300yds Place 400yds Place Grand Agg
Steve Weiss 163-0x 1st 147-0x 1st 310-0x
Name 100yds Place 50yds Place Grand Agg
Lee Shimabkuro 158-3x 1st 244-13x 1st 402-6x


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Ground Hog


You can see by the scores that it was not perfect day and two of the shooters have problems with their rifles and couldn’t shoot the 300yd match. Congratulations to Stan he took the hole thing today, nice shooting Stan Pictured below fro left to right Richard Trees, Stan Lapointe ( the man to beat) Ron Carte and Lee Shimobukuro. Next Ground Hog Match is Oct 11th.

Howard – Match Director.


Name 400yds            Place 300yds Place Grand Agg Place
Stan LaPointe 229-1x 1st  233-0x  1st 462-1x 1st
Ron Carter 79-0x 5th DNF 79-0x 5th
Sheldon Turf 224-1x 2nd DNF 224-1x 4th
Steve Weiss 191-3x 4th 172-0x 3rd 363-3x 3rd
Richard Trees 213-1x 3rd 193-0x 2nd 406-1x 2nd


100yds 50yds
Lee Shimobukuro 230-3xs 1st 244-10x 1st 474-13x 1st
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