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CMP F Class/Sling Class March Match

We had 6 shooters and 15 mile an hour winds, for this months match. Here are the scores.

1Richard174 2X
2Jeff171 0X
3Jeff165 0X
4Steve150 0X
5Dennis148 1X
6Lou113 0X


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CMP F Class/Sling Class March Match

After a three month hiatus the “F” Class has returned to Desert Sportsman and was welcomed back by mother nature with windy shooting conditions. Rather than cancel the match the six shooters who showed up were treated to a stress-free session where they could work on their technique, test loads, and try a 600 yard shoot in “challenging” conditions. Wind on range 8 was gusting and conditions were “acceptable” but not good for long-range shooting. Saturday’s winds were swirling, variable in direction, and massively inconsistent in speed.

Those stalwart souls who braved the conditions still shot well with Richard posting a 181 followed by Steve at 154 and Stephanie with a 151. These scores are remarkable when you consider that maximum score is 200 and the conditions were minimal. John used the day to test his scope/AR combination, work in the pits, and just become acquainted with the unique format and scoring of the CMP matches. Although the conditions were frustrating, our shooters demonstrated good sportsmanship helping each other with set-up and take-down of the targets and their fellow competitors shooting platforms. Because F is shot from a prone position shooting pads and bags were used by all the shooters. You can imagine that wrangling a shooting pad or rigging down 6-foot by 6-foot target frames in swirling winds quickly becomes a team effort and there was no shortage of helping hands.

Weather should be better in April and Desert Sportsman will host the F class in both Target AR and Open Class. Shooters meeting is at 1030 and shooting begins at 1100 after the work party is over the and the range cleared.

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CMP F Class/Sling Class October Match

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Shoot Director Bob Roussseau hosted our third Class “F” shoot Saturday, October 24th on Range 8. Class “F” is for scoped rifles equipped with either a bipod or sling/bag combination to enhance the stability needed to accurately hit a target 600 yards downrange. This particular event is a 20 round course shot from the prone position with each round spotted by a scorer in the target “pit” who drops the target and marks the shot location in two places before pushing the target back in scoring position. This is an old (1903) military venue and scoring system that is part of a national series which holds their finals at Camp Perry in Ohio. Class “F” rifles can be equipped with a bipod or shot with a sling from a rest. This particular weekend everyone was equipped with a bipod and there was an almost even split with shooters fielding 0.223’s and 0.308’s.

Weather was perfect for lying in the sun and shooting 600 yards with mother nature supplying clear skies and little wind (definitely a fan). As always our folks were safe, shot well, exhibited good sportsmanship (shooters take turns scoring for each other in the pit), and joked about their shooting. Congratulations to Jack who shot 179 out of 200 shooting a bolt-gun. Our new AR 15 class was dominated by Stephanie who shot a 176 also out of 200.

RESULTS: Civlian Marksmanhip Program* 600 yard Class “F” shoot Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Score-Max 200
X Ring-Max 20
JackBolt Action179 points0 – xBipod
KlausAR-10177 points2 – xBipod
JimBolt Action170 points2 – xBipod
SteveBolt Action158 points1 – xBipod
DaveBolt ActionDNFDNF-MechanicalBipod


Class-F AR-15
Score -Max 200
X – Ring Max 20
Stephanie176 points0 – xBipod
Lou158 points1 – xBipod
Dave142 points0 – xBipod

*Due to the nature of the Civilian Marksmanship Course of Fire (scorers downrange in the “pit”) shoots are held during work party times when other ranges are closed for maintenance.

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