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Buffalo Gong Match

The first ever match is over and the results are in. First since this was in initial match of what I hope is a yearly event, I think it went very well. Lessons were learned and the target synopsis clearly shows that I need to move some targets and change out others. Attached are the scores and classifications and the shot analysis sheet. Rest assured the two small circles will not be in play next year.

Match Results

Name Match 1 Time Match 2 Time Match 3 Time High Scores Time
P. Taylor 1st place 33 2nd place 28 1st place 61 2nd overall 61
W. Robinson 2nd place 32 DNF
D. Savage 3rd place 31
E. Keller 28 3rd place 18 3rd place 48
A. Sledge 24 1st place 30 2nd place 54 3rd overall 54



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