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October 2019 ViMBAR Match

Perfect weather for this month’s match. Jim and Bill set up five stages, all ten rounds.
Stage One, prone supported. Twenty five seconds to fire five rounds at a single 250yd. target. Then either stay on that target or move to ‘Gary’ at 250yds, five more rounds. Two points for all hits on ‘Gary’.

Double tap and move on Stage Two, with targets at 100, 200, 300yds. All remaining rounds at a 400yd. target, two points for each hit. Sitting supported position.

A Nevada Sweep on Stage Three, with targets at 175, 150 and 200yds. Sitting unsupported.
Six pistol rounds to start Stage Four, at a large 30yd. target. Then a ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario with targets at 200 and 300yds. From supported kneeling / sitting position.

Stage Five, the tie breaker, started with the grenade pitch and six pistol rounds at a medium pistol target. Then from standing position, engage targets at 160, 220 and 125yds, Nevada Sweep.

Possible high score of 74.


1Mac McAllisterPersian Mauser M-98/298×5761
2Jack MichnovezSwiss K-317.5×5560
3Jim DrulenskySpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0657
4Klaus ThomaSpringfield ‘03-A3.30856
5Miguel QuintanillaRemington ‘03-A3.30-0650 (204.98 secs)
6English AndyDutch/Indonesian Steyr M-1895.303 Brit50 (236.12 secs)
7Bill BrizzeeSwedish Mauser M-96/386.5×5549 (144.25 secs)
8Charlie PittmanArgentinian Mauser M-19097.65×5349 (218.86 secs)
9Troy PayneRemington ‘03-A3.30-0644
10Travis LindseySpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0643
11Steve WeissSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5542
12Michael CorbettSwiss K-317.5×5540 (175.95 secs)
13Joe BallSwedish Mauser6.5×5540 (217.89 secs)
14Charles Fresques???.30-0639
15Richard KolkoskiFinn Nagant7.62x54R38 (103.60 secs)
16Gary PfaffSwedish Mauser M-386.5×5538 (247.58 secs)
17Lou PanelliMauser K-988×5737 (117.36 secs)
18Joe OrlickSwedish Mauser M-386.5×5537 (130.12 secs)
19Al CardamoneSwiss K-317.5×5510 (DNF)
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Machine Gun Match

This was the second match of our season. This was a Sub Gun only match. We got lucky again with the weather as it was an absolutely beautiful day with warm temperatures sunny skies and almost no wind. We had a large turnout but the match moved along smoothly. It was a three stage match with the shooter taking paper and steel poppers. The shooter then moved to the second stage and engaged steel targets. Shooter then moved to the third stage and took on more steel dingers and a very distant stop plate. The range was reset for the second run. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. The next match will be on 11/10/19. This will be a Rifle and Subgun match. You will need a center fire rifle (No PCC) and a Subgun. No Mangum or AP (Green Tip) ammo. I will send out a reminder before the match.

Ben PostCory37.141st“A”
Irv FalkoffBuzzy48.09
Richard JonesUZI51.881st“B”
Dave WhiteAmy65.79


John Wylie Jr.UZI63.761st“A”
Dylan WylieUZI65.34
Ben PostMP565.40
Peter LandiM16 9mm71.17
Lee ChavezMP577.07
Shawn McClellanMP578.721st“B”
Dave WhiteSterling79.16
Irv FalkoffM16 9mm83.87
Jack WylieUZI86.49
Gabe SiniscalS&W 76112.10
Kaycee VervilleMP5122.19
Austin CentkoMP5194.46
Al SiniscalS&W 76372.64
Andy WadeM16 9mmDNF


Matt AdamsUZI52.351st“A”
Richard JonesMP563.64
Dave WhiteMP4074.251st“B”
Joe WhiteMP577.26
Etsuo MorohoshiMP5104.42
Gabe SiniscalMP35115.451st“C”
Al SiniscalMP35408.80
English AndySterlingDNF


Matt AdamsM11 Lage43.181st“A”
Ben PostMP544.33
Peter LandiM16 9mm49.59
Irv FalkoffMP568.071st“B”
Patrick EnrightMP572.82
Kaycee VervilleMP579.14
Omar LazoMax Lage79.87
Mike CollanderM11 985.481st“C”
Joe WhiteM10 993.31
Pat O’ConnorM10 997.80
Austin CentkoMP5102.96
Mike VervilleMP5DNF


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Black Powder Silhouette September 2019 Match

Well the shoot has come and gone. Early morning had 25 mph plus winds. For those in the know, that will move a big slow bullet up to 3 feet at 500 yards. Add my normal flinch, jerk style of shooting and that adds up to a lot of windage. But thank the wind gods, the afternoon was relatively calm. We also had two new shooters at this match. John Nagazyna, a new member who is also helping to acquire materials for club ranges and targets, and Robert Bobbett. He is the shortest of our shooters and shoots the biggest rifle on the line. A 45-110. That is way out of my league.

John Nagazyna45-7016 and 1 chicken
Wes Baylesunk15 and no chickens
Jeff Kirkwood45-7014 and 1 chicken
Bob Hover45-10014 and 0 chickens
Brian Harrison40-8311 and 0 chickens
Bob Bobbett45-1106 with 1 chicken
Wally Pinjuv38-502 chickens and dnf


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