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March 2020 ViMBAR Match

 A small turnout for this month’s match, but good weather with only light winds.

Rapid fire to start Stage One, with 25 seconds to engage a 250yd. target, five rounds. Then five more at a 300yd. target, slow fire. All from prone supported position.

Sweep front to back and repeat on Stage Two, with targets at 200, 300 and 400yds. Two points for all 400yd. hits. Sitting supported.

Sitting unsupported on Stage Three, engaging targets at 200, 175 and 225yds. with a Nevada Sweep.

Stage Four started with six pistol rounds at a large 35yd. target. Then from standing position, engage targets at 150 and 200yds with a ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario.

The grenade pitch started the tie breaker Stage Five, followed by six pistol rounds at a small 25yd. target. Then from any unsupported position, engage targets at 160, 220 and 100yds. Nevada Sweep.

Possible high score of 68.



1Joe BrennanSwedish Mauser6.5×5561
2English AndySwedish Mauser M-966.5×5559
3Marty BridgesCzech Mauser VZ-24.30856
4Bill BrizzeeSmith Corona ‘03-A3.30-0648
5Dave NeelyBrazilian Mauser7×5747
6Bobby RamsaySwedish Mauser M-386.5×5542
7Lou PanelliYugo Mauser.30840
8Travis LindseySpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0638 (158.67 secs)
9Walt RobakMauser K-98.30838 (189.41 secs)
10Richard TreesMauser K-988×5736
11Troy PayneSwiss K-317.5×5535 (138.50 secs)
12Wayne PerryMosin Nagant7.62x54R35 (213.35 secs)
13Richard KolokskFinn Nagant7.62x54R33 (107.32 secs)
14Miguel QuintanillaRemington M-1903.30-0633 (173.04 secs)
15Charles FrequezSpringfield ‘03-A3.30-0631
16Bryant DaySwedish Mauser M-966.5×5530 (159.30 secs)
17Douglas McNamaraSwedish Mauser M-966.5×5530 (160.00 secs


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Thrifty Peoples Benchrest March 2020

Welcome to new shooter Leigh.  Congratulations to Keith, Sharon, and Mike for winning the relay #2 bonus.  And Congratulations to Stephanie for winning the pistol side match.

NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
John B98398210022967
Jim G9829829922956
Steve F7619308002491
Joe B7707208502340
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Jack L8919839212795
Mike S8808618402581
Jack D8108007412351
Iron sights
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Ron C9219509002771
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Machine Gun Match

This was the seventh match of our season and the weather was very nice. It was clear with a little breeze so we go lucky.  This was our annual Belt Fed Bowling Pin Match. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly. There were three main classes for this match. Belt Fed, Assault Rifle and Subgun. The match was very simple. Take out 20 bowling pins in the fastest possible time. Matt Babb brought the trophy back and took it home again with his partner Mike Berkeypile who won the Belt Fed class with twin M240‘s. In the Subgun  class the times were very close with about one half of a second separating  the first 2 shooters. Wow. A Mad Minute event followed the main match which was great fun. Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. Some great video and photos were taken and I hope they are posted. Next month will be a THREE GUN match. You will need a Center fire pistol, a Shotgun with bird shot ONLY and a Subgun.   Date will be 4/12/20  Setup at 0800 and Registration ends at 0845 with the match starting at 0900. See you then.

Omar LazoM11 Lage21.311st“A”
Peter LandiM16 9mm21.40
Mike CollanderM11 Lage24.13
Shawn McClellandMP525.671st“B”
Patrick EnrightMP5K27.13
Irv FalkoffMP530.62
Sasha FrancheyMP539.041st“C”
Dave WhiteM3A153.83
Kaycee VirvilleMP556.76
Robin LancasterMP4193.52


Ben PostM16 Shrike18.521st“A”
Matt BabbM60e633.48
Irv FalkoffM1659.911st“B”
Peter LandiM1665.18
Joe WhiteAK4784.06
Bill BrizzeeM4105.40 Tie1st“C”
Andy WadeM16105.40 Tie1st“C”
Mike VervilleAC556111.14
Stephanie WeissM16DNF


Mike BerkeypileM240 Twin9.101st“A”
Matt AdamsShrike30.64
Joe White191936.24
Ben PostHK23E38.76
Matt BabbM240 Twin39.93
Mike VervilleHK23e42.201st“B”
Andy Wade191955.57
Dylan Wylie08/1557.58
Sasha FrancheyM24962.85
Bill Brizzee191963.67
Jack Wylie Sr.08/1570.92
Kaycee VervilleHK23e71.841st“C”
John Wylie Jr.08/1574.64
Patrick EnrightM1675.03
Stephanie Weiss191975.74
Dave WhiteDP2895.40
Robin LancasterMG34102.00
Etsuo MorohoshiHK21DNF


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