Buffalo Gong Match

The first ever match is over and the results are in. First since this was in initial match of what I hope is a yearly event, I think it went very well. Lessons were learned and the target synopsis clearly shows that I need to move some targets and change out others. Attached are the scores and classifications and the shot analysis sheet. Rest assured the two small circles will not be in play next year.

Match Results

NameMatch 1TimeMatch 2TimeMatch 3TimeHigh ScoresTime
P. Taylor1st place332nd place281st place612nd overall61
W. Robinson2nd place32DNF
D. Savage3rd place31
E. Keller283rd place183rd place48
A. Sledge241st place302nd place543rd overall54


NameMatch 1TimeMatch 2TimeMatch 3TimeHigh ScoresTime
W. Pinjuv1st place332nd place291st place62Match Winner62
J. Clark2nd place263rd place253rd place51
J. Kirkwood3rd place221st place302nd place52
B. Harrison182038
J. Eggleston211435
B. Kueveke17DNF
NameMatch 1TimeMatch 2TimeMatch 3Time
T. Galligan1st place21232nd place44
R. Hover2nd place20-51st place291st place49
J. Bridges1st place20-424-93rd place44
P. Huard172nd place2643
J. Krumm173rd place2542
R. Trees191736
B. Parry141731
R. Gregg151227
L. BoughnerDNF injuryDNF

Target hit percentages

TargetRangeDayTotal ShotsTotal HitsPercentagesConclusions
Short Bucket150 yds1203831.6Tough
Long Bucket220 yds963233.3Tough
Small Baffalo330 ydsDay 11208570.8Nice target
Day 2966769.7Good target
Coyote550 ydsDay 11144842.1Consider moving
Day 2963334.3Consider moving
Running Buff588 ydsDay 11148372.8Crowd pleaser
Day 2966971.8
Big Buff647 ydsDay 11147868.4Good target
Day 2967679.1Got better day 2
Ice Bear740 ydsDay 11205648.3
Ice Bear740 ydsDay 2964445.8
Small Circle797 ydsDay 11202319.1No good, low percentage
Day 2961919.7Replace next year
Big Circle870 ydsDay 11203125.8Very tough
Day 2962728.1Very tough, consider bigger target

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