Black Powder Silhouette September 2019 Match

Well the shoot has come and gone. Early morning had 25 mph plus winds. For those in the know, that will move a big slow bullet up to 3 feet at 500 yards. Add my normal flinch, jerk style of shooting and that adds up to a lot of windage. But thank the wind gods, the afternoon was relatively calm. We also had two new shooters at this match. John Nagazyna, a new member who is also helping to acquire materials for club ranges and targets, and Robert Bobbett. He is the shortest of our shooters and shoots the biggest rifle on the line. A 45-110. That is way out of my league.

John Nagazyna45-7016 and 1 chicken
Wes Baylesunk15 and no chickens
Jeff Kirkwood45-7014 and 1 chicken
Bob Hover45-10014 and 0 chickens
Brian Harrison40-8311 and 0 chickens
Bob Bobbett45-1106 with 1 chicken
Wally Pinjuv38-502 chickens and dnf


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