August 19, 2023 KYL MATCH RESULTS

So, last month we decided to start early to beat the heat, I guess the joke’s on us as we ended up trying to beat the rain. It was a great day to shoot. The temperature was good, cloud cover, no rain and several people cleared the rack, including Roger Seymour who did it 4 times in a row!!! We had a couple new shooters and a couple that had been missing for a couple months come back. Not much better than shooting with friends. Let’s do it again September 16, 2023.

NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Scott M883827
Ivan D00000
Mark D322310
Evan K14106
Rahim A187117
Bill H413513
Allie M302510
Dave J00000


NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Terri S078015
Cooper R808016
Tracy R20035
Randy R028414
Robbie H002810
Roger S888832
Jim C488828
Doug W088824
Mike S884222
Cullen W30227
Gabriel F062412
Dave M555823