April Machine Gun Match

This was the eighth match of our season and were lucky as far as the weather goes. It was sunny and cool at the start of the match but the winds picked up before we finished. Overall it was not that bad. With this match we celebrated our twenty year anniversary with Me as match director for the machine gun discipline. This could not have been achieved without the never ending help from Jack and Jr. Wylie and my wife Jane who have given so much of their time and help over the years. I hope we will be able to continue for several more years. I also want to thank all of you guys who help with setup and teardown every month. We have a great bunch of guys. This was our annual Three Gun Match. We had a good turnout and the match moved quickly.

  • The shooter started with a pistol and took out a plate rack.
  • He then picked up a pre-staged shotgun and took out several clays before engaging the giant swinger. If the shooter got a full revolution on the swinger he received a 10 second bonus off his time.
  • The course was reset for the second run with the subgun. The shooter had to engage an assortment of steel and clays along with a second plate rack.
  • The giant swinger was also used with the same bonus if a full revolution was achieved with the subgun.
  • No team event was held this month.

Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at www.vegasshooters.net for updates and photos. Some great video and photos were taken and I hope they are posted.

Next month will be a subgun only match. Date will be 5/13/18. Setup at 0800 and the match will start at 0900. See you then.


22 Class

Ben PostCory31.141st “A”
Irv FalkoffBuzzy54.28
Joe whiteZippy54.28

Optic Class

Patrick EnrightUZI19.081st “A”
Ben PostMP524.43
John Wylie Jr.UZI30.94
Shawn McClellandMP531.541st “B”
Irv FalkoffMP532.16
Mikayla NebelBeretta 12s32.54
Tom WrightM1135.09
Erol WelshonesSTEN37.191st “C”
Dave WhiteSterling43.75
Gary PfaffUZI48.50
Jack WylieUZI50.98
George McAlpineSTEN104.21

Stock Class

Erol WelshonesM1625.251st “A”
Matt AdamsUZI30.44
Mikayla NebelMAB47.451st “B”
Dave WhiteMP4060.37
George McAlpineSTEN64.711st “C”
Joe WhiteMP578.82
Randy LovstvenM11DNF

Unlimited Class

Matt AdamsMAX3117.321st “A”
Ben PostMP520.03
Mike CollanderM1124.041st “B”
Shawn McClellandMP525.06
Tom WrightMAX3125.961st “C”
Irv FalkoffM1636.91
Joe WhiteM1059.12
Randy LovstvenM11DNF

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