Accepting Nominations for E-Board Positions

Important information for our March 5, 2019, General Membership meeting. President Bloom will be accepting nominations for the following E-Board positions; President, Secretary, Chief Instructor, and Executive Range Officer.

The requirements to serve on the E-Board are; 1) being a member in good standing over the past 12 months. 2) having attended 7 or (60%) whichever is less of the General Member Meetings held between March 2018 and February 2019.

Please note the recommended process to ensure anyone nominated meets the qualifications for the E-Board.
1) Ask if the person is interested in serving on the E-Board
2) Email a request to verify eligibility to You will receive an email response verifying eligibility. Please send those requests prior to March 4th giving the Secretary time to verify eligibility.
3) Come to our March 5, 2019, General Member Meeting and when President Bloom calls for nominations please announce your nomination(s).

Thank you,
Ray Lehman
DSRPC Secretary

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