22 Rimfire Benchrest

22 Rimfire Benchrest

All shooters must be signed up by 8:50AM safety meeting.
No one will be allowed to compete without being in the safety meeting. Sign ups will end at 8:49AM.
Minimum of five shooters for match to count.

  • Match will be 1st Sunday of the Month.
  • Range 6 will be closed to NON Match shooters from 6:00 AM until Noon
  • Setup starts at 8 AM
  • Safety meeting at 8:50AM
  • Shooting starts at 9AM

Rifle and scope must be within following specifications:

Class 1: Modified Factory

  1. The total value of the rifle shall not exceed $600 MSRP. Rifles will be models currently manufactured as of 1/1/2013 and the cost will be based on present MSRP of the rifle regardless of when purchased. Older manufactured rifles of current models are included but will use current MSRP price for meeting rules.
  2. Modifications Allowed: (1) barrel – must be a factory drop-in barrel but may be manufactured by other barrel manufactures, no barrel tuners of any sort authorized (2) factory receiver and bolt will be retained but can be modified with hand tools (3) all rifles will have a magazine capable of holding a minimum of 5 rounds (4) stock, trigger, bolt release and other items can be changed per shooters choice (5) no machine work, lathe, mill or other precision machine work is allowed with exception of crowning the barrel and pinning the firing pin.
  3. The weight of the rifle, scope and empty magazine (not including bipod), shall not exceed 10.5 pounds and will be subject to being weighed off the bench.
  4. No minimum trigger weight. Shooters should use caution when reducing trigger weight to ensure the rifle functions properly.
  5. Scope power unlimited.
  6. Rests will be of two pieces, with the front and rear rest not connected in any way. A bipod mounted to the rifle is an acceptable substitute for a front rest.

Class 2: Unlimited

  • Any rifle chambered in 22LR; no restrictions on modifications, weight, optics, or rests.

Note: Match director reserves the right to disqualify any rifle in the interest of safety, rules interpretation, and/or not keeping within the intent of good sportsmanship.


IBS 50 Yard Rimfire target.

Course of Fire

Three relays of 25 record shots at 50 yards 30 minutes from a bench.

Wind Flags

Wind flags may be utilized. Shooters must place wind flags in position before match begins. Wind flags cannot be moved or taken down until match is over. If a flag is in a shooter’s line of sight, the Match Director or referee will lay the flag on the ground.


Each target block is worth ten points. The innermost ring counts ten points, the next ring out counts 9 points, and each succeeding ring counts one point less. If a bullet hole touches a line or X, shooter receives the highest point (Best edge scoring). The score (or points lost) is to be written in the block provided in the upper right hand corner of the target square. If more than one shot appears in the target square, shooter receives lowest score. Perfect score: 250 and 25X’s.

If the first shot on paper unintentionally hits a record target, shooter must notify Match Director before second shot is fired. Match Director must check target before second shot is fired and make note on target and shooter will not be charged for that shot. Any shot touching the target square’s inside or outside border lines will be counted in that block.

A scoring plug will be used if scorer cannot make visible determination.

In the event of a tie the win will go to the shooter with the most X’s. If a tie still exists, the win will go to the shooter with the highest first miss starting with the target from relay 1. If tie still exists, starting with the target from relay 1 the first X completely plugged out wins if not matched by the other competitor(s).

Annual Awards

Points for the annual awards will accumulate based an individual’s place in the monthly matches with first place receiving 10 points, second place 9 points, third place 8 points, fourth place 7 points, fifth place 6 points, and all others 5 points. The sum of the individual’s top 7 scores will determine yearly winners. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined first by the highest number of match wins. If a tie still exists, then annual winners will be determined by the highest monthly raw match scores used in the cumulative score count.