Day: October 20, 2023

October ViMBAR Match 2023

Great weather for this month’s match with very light winds. Five stages, all ten rounds, starting with:

Stage One, the tie breaker started with the grenade pitch and then six pistol rounds at a medium From any unsupported position, sweep targets at 100, 150, 200, 300 and 300yds. One round each and repeat.

Alternate targets at 200 and 300yds on Stage Two from prone supported position.

Sitting supported on Stage Three with targets at 100, 200 and 300yds, engage until hit twice. All remaining rounds on a 400yd target.

‘Shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ on Stage Four, with targets at 200 and 150yds. Sitting unsupported.

Six pistol rounds at a medium 30yd target to start Stage Five. Then from standing position, another ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario with targets at 200 and 150yds.

Possible high score of 65.

1. Charlie P.Springfield ’03-A3.30-0655
2. Klaus T.Springfield ’03-A3.30-0645 (145.80 secs)
3. Brandon P.Mosin Nagant7.62x54R45 (165.16 secs)
4. James D.Swedish Mauser M-966.5×5544
5. Jim D.Springfield ’03-A3.30-0642 (120.47 secs)
6. Jack M.Arisaka Type 997.7×5442 (274.40 secs)
7. Joe B.Swedish Mauser M-966.5×5538 (145.66 secs)
8. Dave N.Swedish Mauser6.5×5538 (166.16 secs)
9. Lou P.Argentinian Mauser M-19097.65×5437
10. Douglas M.Venezuelan Mauser M-307×5733
11. Bryant D.Swedish Mauser M-966.5×5532
12. Charles F.???.30-0630 (180.96 secs)
13. Richard K.Swedish Mauser M-966.5×5530 (265.96 secs)
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