Day: September 19, 2023

September 16, 2023 KYL MATCH RESULTS

WOW! We had a great day for shooting and the scores show it. Cooper R had another great day, when doesn’t he, clearing the rack all 4 relays! Great job Coop. Keith wasn’t far behind with three 8’s and a 7 for 31. If you came out to shoot, we appreciate you being there and if you are one of the few that couldn’t make it this month, we hope you will be there on October 21, 2023, and we can have even more people clearing the racks. Sure makes it a lot more exciting to watch.

NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
TOMMIE H880117

NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
Scott M381416
Glenn N606315
Gregg C811111
TRACY R02507
GREG A22059
BILL H33129
DENNIS R810817
DAVE J00000
DAVE M822214

Super Factory
NameRelay 1Relay 2Relay 3Relay 4Total
MIKE S348116
DOUG W852419
COOPER R888832
DOUG R810817
RANDY R181818


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