Day: November 15, 2021

NRA Lever Action Silhouette November 2021 Match

Hello All,
We hope to see you all next month on Dec 12th. Range set-up is 0800 and the match starts at 0900. Remember, Please try to bring a new shooter with you to the next match. New shooters first match is Free.

Thank you
John J. Nagazyna


NRA Lever Action Silhouette Match       Date: November 14, 2021


NRA Lever Action Smallbore Silhouette
NameRifle MakeCaliberChickensPigsTurkeysRamsScore
Andy WilleyMarlin 39A22LR985628
Bob HoverMarlin 39A22LR276520
Steph WeissHenry22LR645419
Bill HardyMarlin 39A2LR2557219
John NagazynaMarlin 39A2LR2382417
Jeff KirkwoodHenry2LR2345315
Heather Kolb (NEW Shooter)Henry2LR2361515
NRA Lever Action Pistol Caliber Silhouette
NameRifle MakeCaliberChickensPigsTurkeysRamsScore
John NagazynaWin 7644-40684523
Jeff KirkwoodHenry357Mag560112
NRA Lever Action Big Bore Silhouette
NameRifle MakeCaliberChickensPigsTurkeysRamsScore
Bob HoverWin 9432-40353314
Wally PinjuvWin 9432-409DNF
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November ViMBAR Match

Great weather for this month’s match. We had to shuffle a few things around due to the construction on Range 5, but it all seemed to go OK. This was our Odd Ball match, so rifles chambered in .308, .30-06, 6.5×55 and 7.5×55 were not eligible for awards. Jim and Bill set up five stages, all ten rounds.

Stage One, from prone supported position, engage a single 250yd. target, five rounds. Then shooter’s choice. Either stay on that target for five more, or move to ‘Gary’ at 250yds. for two points per hit. And as they say’ Once you go Gary, you never go back’.
A ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario on Stage Two, with targets at 200 and 400yds. Sitting supported.
Another  ‘shoot-til-you-hit, shoot-til-you-miss’ scenario on Stage Three from sitting unsupported position. Targets at 150 and 300yds.
Six pistol rounds to start Stage Four at a single 30yd. target. Then from standing position, engage targets at 150 and 200yds, five rounds on each.
Stage Five, the tie breaker, started with six pistol rounds at a large 25yd. target. From sitting supported position, engage targets at 150 and 250yds, five rounds on each.
Possible high score of 69.


Regular Rifle Match
1Jack MichnovezBrazilian Mauser M-19087×5755
2Joe BrennanCzech Mauser VZ-248×5754
3Jim DrulenskyP-14.303Brit52
4Bill BrizzeeGerman Mauser K98k8×5750 (131.98 secs)
5Charlie PittmanArgentinian Mauser M-19097.63×5350 (204.00 secs)
6Stephanie WeissMauser8×5748
7James DaigleMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R46
8J.C. LopezYugo Mauser M-24/478×5743
9Mac McAllisterArgentinian Mauser M-19097.63×5342
10English AndyKrag U.S. Model 1896 Carbine.30/40 Krag40
11Kenneth NealMosin Nagant M-91/307.62x54R36
12Travis LindseyGerman Mauser K98k8×5735
13Gary PfaffFinn Nagant M-397.62x54R34
14Justin AllredArisaka Type 386.5×5033
15Richard KolkoskiFinn Nagant M-397.62x54R32
16Lou PanelliGerman Mauser K98k8×5731
17Dave NeelyBrazilian Mauser M-19097×5730




Also ran
1Klaus ThomaSpringfield ’03-A3.30-0640 (DNF)
1Bill HartySwedish Mauser M-18966.5×5539
2Charles FresquezSpringfield ’03-A3.30-0614
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DSRPC NRL22 November 2021 Match

November DSRPC NRL22 Medal Winners

The November DSRPC NRL22 match was on 11/13/2021. Congratulations to all the medal winners. The full match scores are on Practiscore.

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