Day: August 9, 2021

August 2021 IDPA Match

Our first match on Range 4B was a success! Thanks to everyone who made it happen today. If I could have a couple volunteers help move everything back in the storage container this weekend that would be much appreciated. Anyone who helps will have their match comped.

Our overall first place shooter this month goes out to Marc Koch. I know he has been working really hard both on and off the range lately and it shows! He is a great competitor and a really great guy. Good job Marc!
Carry Optic division continues to be the dominant division out there and I’m seeing more and more shooters show up with guns and an optic. 5 years ago I thought this would be a fad and soon pass but it’s leading the industry now. Wonder what the next thing will be?
Tony and I will be out there tomorrow morning to move a few more things out of the storage container if anyone wants to join. If you are able to help put stuff back in the storage container this Saturday morning please email me so I can get the list together. It shouldn’t take but an hour or so to put it all away.


Las Vegas IDPA

We shoot the 2nd Sunday of the month at DSRPC

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