Day: November 24, 2020

Thrifty Peoples Benchrest November 2020


NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Tommy H9629609732895
Steve F9219419612823
Lou M9319219302782
Jim G9419638202724
Gary P9318509302711
Iron Sights
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Al S9519739822906
NameRelay 1 ScoreXsRelay 2 ScoreXsRelay 3 ScoreXsTotal ScoreXs
Jack L9429829502874
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Buffalo Hump November 2020 Match

The 3rd annual Buffalo Hump shoot is now history. Three of the most wonderful practice days you could wish for. Mid 80’s light winds, clear skies. Just wonderful. Then the shoot gods descended on us with a passion. A 30 degree drop in overnight temperature. A record low high in Vegas. I doubt if it hit 50 degrees. The winds hit 30 mph and the rain moved in about 1 pm. It was so much fun we stopped the shoot and continued on Sunday. The morning was cold as a witches intentions and we finished match 1. We shot a modified match for the Sunday shoot, then it got nasty again. A vote was taken and the match was halted after everyone shot 3 targets. The good news it didn’t rain, it freakin snowed. In perspective Las Vegas had no recordable moisture for over 200 straight days. It waited for this shoot. Aint we just lucky. Everyone stuck it out and in spite of the shivering and shaking, the wind and the rain, there were some very respectable scores. We hope to have a better set of conditions next year and will again have this shoot the first week of November. May you all stay well and reload lots of ammo for next year’s match. I hope to see you there.

Match Results

NameClassMatch 1Place WinnersMatch 2Place WinnersMatch 3
Jeff KirkwoodMaster281st151st43
Dan HarveyMaster22142nd36
Wally PinjuvMaster232nd113rd34
Dick SavageMaster233rdDNF



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