Month: May 2019

Steel Challenge May 2019 Match


Combined – Stage 2 (Accelerator)
FinalNameUSPSA#ClassDivisionTime%String 1String 2Sting 3Sting 4Sting 5
1M, AkosUPROD11.87100.004.072.873.222.962.82
2N, EarlULTD13.5787.473.433.463.243.633.44
3D, TonyURFRO14.3382.834.163.263.463.053.003.45
4H, JimUPROD14.7580.475.143.863.573.963.36
5M, MacUSS15.0578.874.503.923.953.413.77
6F, IrvingURFPO15.8474.944.484.034.133.863.82
7L, ColeULTD15.8874.755.503.643.495.003.75
8C, LeeUPROD16.5071.945.
9E, PURFRO16.7470.913.924.204.474.154.163.00
10W, AndyURFPI17.8466.544.884.664.484.454.25
11M, PeterURFPI18.1465.445.854.644.325.513.67
12B, RandallULTD18.2665.
13E, EricUPCCO19.1462.024.453.004.443.003.524.084.10
14S, JayUCO19.4161.155.864.834.804.874.91
15B, BillUPCCO19.6860.325.075.114.995.284.51
16M, TonyUCO19.8259.895.494.465.247.074.63
17V, JamesULTD20.1558.914.183.603.613.003.533.005.84
18C, RogerUPROD20.1858.825.555.344.985.204.66
19W, WallyURFPI20.4757.9910.615.314.985.274.91
20S, MikeURFRO21.2155.964.664.506.
21M, AlanUPROD21.3855.528.024.694.284.395.323.00
22M, BusterULTD22.0653.816.165.544.865.509.61
23A, AllanULTD22.2453.375.775.776.055.395.31
24W, SpencerURFPI22.7552.1810.025.345.124.757.54
25M, LouURFPI23.6050.307.555.703.005.565.225.27
26R, SusanUOPN23.8849.7110.497.665.395.065.77
27M, FrankULTD27.1043.807.846.747.476.296.60
28A, JackURFPI27.9642.457.308.306.529.385.84
29S, BruceUPROD28.2242.068.776.856.396.216.403.00
30R, EricULTD29.0940.8010.438.187.066.737.12
31O, EmmanualULTD29.9039.708.436.563.007.877.915.69
32C, JackULTD38.3230.9810.169.509.308.523.009.36
33E, PatrickUPCCO0.000.00
34M, MacULTD0.000.00
35S, MikeUPROD0.000.00
36D, TonyUPCCO0.000.00
37S, JayUPCCO0.000.00
38F, IrvingURFRO0.000.00
39M, BusterUPCCO0.000.00
40E, PatUPCCO0.000.00
41W, StephanieUPCCO0.000.00
42W, SteveUCO0.000.00
43W, AndyUPROD0.000.00
44R, EricUPCCO0.000.00


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June 6, 2019: General Membership Meeting Agenda

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order/New Member Intro/General Comments – President, Howard Bloom

Reading of April/May 2019 GMM minutes – Arlan Levitan
Approval of minutes by the membership

Membership Services Report – Rush Harkleroad

Treasurer’s Report: Kevin Swope

May 2019 Treasurer’s Report

Chief Instructor Report – Rush Harkleroad

Range Maintenance Report – Tenny Nelson

Executive Range Officer Report – Pat DeBenon

Pending Bylaws Amendments -Sergeant At Arms – Andy Maline

Weather Station Update – VP Arlan Levitan

Match Director Reports

Old Business – Discussion under Robert’s Rules of Order

New Business – Discussion under Robert’s Rules of Order

Election Results – Ballot Committee

Chaos Ensues


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Steel Challenge

Date(s) – 26 May, Sunday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Range 2


Additional Info:

Match will be held on range 2, bays 1-4.

  •   Fourth Sunday of every month
  •     Setup starts at 7 am
  •     All competitors must check in/Sign up by 8:45 am
  •     Match starts at 9 am
  •     Range returned to membership by 2 pm

Signup starts at: 8:00am
Check-in ends at: 8:50am

Match will begin at: 9:00am

2018 match fee will be: $10.00
Non-members will need to pay a $5 guest fee at the gate.

DSRPC Range Map
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