Day: November 12, 2018

Machine Gun Match

This was the third match of our new season.  This was a Handgun and Subgun Match. We have not been too lucky with the weather this season as it was cold and windy for the whole match again. We had a large turnout but the match moved quickly and we finished up by noon. The shooter started with a loaded Handgun and had to take out a Plate rack and two Knockdowns. He then pick up a staged Subgun and moved to another position and took out a series of dinger targets with a designated stop plate. He then moved to position three and took out another assortment of steel targets and another stop plate. The range was reset for the second run. As the weather was unpleasant we did not have a team event. Next month will be a Subgun only match    Don’t forget to check out and register on our website at for updates and photos. Date will be  12/09/18. See you then.


Ben PostCory49.961st“A”
Irv FalkoffBuzzy61.69
Dave WhiteAmy68.98


Ben PostMP549.801st“A”
Irv FalkoffM16 9mm60.86
Dave WhiteSterling70.331st“B”
Carlos VianaMP578.06
Carlos VianaMP578.06
Shawn McClellandMP578.84
Patrick EnrightUZI81.111st“C”
Bernard PoonMP587.25
Jack WylieUZI117.06


Matt AdamsUZI63.431st“A”
Dave WhiteMP4067.72
Joe WhiteMP599.731st“B”
Robin LancasterMP41113.53
Etsuo MorohoshiMP5139.581st“C”
Jamie CratenMP5DNF


Ben PostMP537.881st“A”
Irv FalkoffM16 9mm50.43
Matt AdamsLage53.72
Shawn McCellandMP554.71
Carlos VianaUMP68.53
Carlos VianaUMP68.53
Pat O’ConnorMax Lage71.631st“B”
Bill WallerMAX 3172.29
Joe NiColaMax Lage77.25
Mike VervilleLage 3178.41
Joe WhiteMax Lage82.26
David MillsM11 Lage83.831st“C”
Omar LazoMax Lage84.41
Bernard PoonUMP97.91
Steve KeltieMax Lage107.06
Kaycee VervilleMax Lage120.23
Gary PfaffM10DNF
Maurice MaharajM11DNF
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