Day: August 22, 2015

CMP F Class/Sling Class August Match

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Shoot Director Bob Roussseau hosted a Class “F” shoot Saturday on Range 8. Weather was perfect with clear skies and little wind. Six club members took the field participate in this long range event. Class F is for scoped rifles equiped with either a bipod or sling/bag combination for the stability needed to accurately hit the target 600 yards downrange.

Most of the participants fielded 0.223 with 0.308 and 6.5mm being the monority. This particular event is a 20 round course shot from the prone position with each round spotted by a scorer in the target “pit” and the location shown for reference on the target face. This is an old (1903) military venue and scoring system that is part of a national series that holds their finals at Camp Perry in Ohio.

Although this first shoot was not registered with the national series our folks shot well, exhibited good sportmanship (shooters take turns scoring for each other in the pit), and generally had a good time if laying in the dirt and shooting at a target face located in the next zip code is your idea of fun.

Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club presents the results of the Civlian Marksmanhip Program*
Class “F” shoot Saturday, August 22, 2015 as follows:

Sheldon Turf196 points6 – x6.5mmBag Rest
Stephanie Weiss155 points1 – x0.223 inBipod
Lou Meiss145 points0 – x0.223 inBipod
Bob Rousseau107 points0 – x0.223 inBag Rest
Jim Green98 points0 – x0.223 inBipod
Steve Weiss97 points1 – x0.308 inBipod

Congratulations to all our shooters. Next Class “F” shoot will be the fourth Saturday in September.

*Due to the nature of the Civilian Marksmanship Course of Fire (scorers downrange in the “pit”) shoots are held during work party times when other ranges are closed for maintenance.

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