Our two corporate member/sponsors Paradigm & Battle Born Arms
will be selling .22 Ammo after the 9/2/14 general meeting.

Remember members get a discount.

Attend The Next General Members Meeting

Tuesday, September 2nd, 7:00pm, at the DSRPC Clubhouse

General Meeting Agenda:

  • 6:30pm E-Board meet to vote in Jim Brinkley.
  • Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Meeting call to order by President Bobby Barbera.
  • Secretary to read the minutes from the last general meeting.
  • Bobby ask members to vote in Jim Brinkley as Treasure.
  • Bobby any new members please stand & give us your name.
  • Bobby introduce Nels Segal new director for cowboy action shooting (members to vote).
  • Bobby anything new with USPSA & range 4?
  • Howard SOP’s, security, CCW, plus any new business.
  • Joe/Ron Swap meet update. Joe clean up day.
  • Terry suggestion box, Ammo for sale from corporate sponsors, Target stands return to front office.
  • Jerry update on range work & bids. Range 8 “F” & Sling when? Website safety vs range safety.
  • Martha updates anything new. Orientation booklet?
  • Linda member services update.
  • Andrew any website issues & updates.



Members may bring guests at no charge.

November 1st, 2014 Boat House
Setup: 8am Open 9am to 1pm

  • Cost per table will be $10.00 each. Purchase at security office.
  • DSRPC Caps and Patches will be sold.
  • Raffle tickets are $1.00 each.
  • Raffle drawing will be at 1pm. Must be present to win.
  • Hot dogs, sausage, water and soda.
  • ALL guns must be Zip Tied.


Club Treasurer Wanted

The E-Board is searching for a member in good standing who has a background in accounting for the Treasurer position.

Please contact Terry Slotterbeck at 702-672-1830 to schedule an interview.

In the meantime Jim Brinkley has agreed to help us out as we continue to do our search.


Effective Immediately 50 BMG Is Prohibited On All Ranges

For safety reasons the E-Board has voted to immediately
stop the use of .50 BMG caliber firearms on all ranges.

Except for special events approved by the E-Board.


Reminder To All Members

Please use wooden wedges to secure your target, rather than using rocks!
The wedges are available on request at the guard-shack.


Volunteer Needed To Work The Security Gate

DSRPC is looking for a part time volunteer member for the security gate.
Per our BYLAWS the member must be in good standing & have a current RSO certification.
Contact Terry Slotterbeck at 702-672-1830 to schedule an appointment.


Have You Recently Changed Your Address or Phone Number?

Members who have changed their address or phone number
please mail your name, new address, city ,state, zip &
phone number to member services.

You can find Member Services contact info HERE.


Suggestion Box

We now have a “Suggestion Box” in the security office. The E-Board would like
to hear your idea’s, suggestion & opinions. The suggestions will be reviewed
at every general meeting.
Submit a Suggestion using our online “Suggestion Box” by clicking HERE
or clicking on Suggestion Box under Contact Us in the top menu.


Attention Members

The Next E-Board Meeting Will Be On August 19th At 6:30pm At The Club House

If you have any issues you would like to discuss with the E-Board please contact
Terry Slotterbeck (secretary) at 702-672-1830 so you can be put on the agenda.
You may also do the same for the upcoming General Meeting.


DSRPC Ball Caps & Patches For Sale

These Ball Caps and Patches feature our new logo!

Ball Caps $16.00 each Patches $8.00 each

Please contact Terry Slotterbeck at 702-672-1830 to make arrangements.
Please have the correct currency.


Target Frames & Stands for Rent or Purchase

Target Frames: $10.00 • Stands: $5.00